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Husqvarna 503873601 Spring Fits 123C 123L 223L 322L 323C 323R 325LX 326LX 335RX

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Type Spring


Brand New Genuine Husqvarna Spring…

· Spring

· Genuine Husqvarna Part # 503873601

· Fits Specific Husqvarna 123C, 123L, 123LD, 223L, 223R, 322C, 322E, 322L, 322R, 323C, 323E, 323HD60, 323HE3, 323L, 323LD, 323RJ, 323R, 325C, 325CX, 325EX, 325HD60, 325HD75, 325HDA55, 325HDA55X, 325HDA65X, 325HE3, 325HE3X, 325HE4, 325HE4X, 325HS75, 325HS75X, 325HS99, 325HS99X, 325LX, 325LXT, 325P4, 325P5, 325RDX, 325RX, 325RXT, 326ES, 326HD60, 326HD75, 326HDA, 326HDA55, 326HE3X, 326HE4, 326HE4X, 326HS75X, 326HS99X, 326L, 326LDX, 326LS, 326LX, 326P4, 326P5, 326RJX, 326RX, 327ES, 327HDA65X, 327HE3X, 327LDX, 327LX, 327P4, 327P5X, 327PT5S, 327RDX, 327RJX, 327RX, 327LDx, 327LS, 327Lx, 327RDx, 327RJx, 327Rx, 333R, 333RJ, 335FR, 335LS, 335RJX & 335RX Models

· Genuine OEM Husqvarna Part